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New Dead Island 2 Screens

Caving in zombie heads is why mankind created video games. The creator of Pong was said to have imagined the little pixelated dot darting across the screen as an undead severed head*. Virtual zombie killin’ is ingrained to gamer culture. That and killin’ virtual Nazis. And sometimes zombie Nazis (they’re like the Reeses’ cups of video game cannon fodder).

*May not be a genuine fact.

Well despite my whole bright idea to delete my NaNoWriMo account for the last nine years, I started up a fresh account.  I so far have something of an idea which is actually working in making me excited about taking part again.

I remember why I deleted my account. Depression. It almost ruined everything.  I couldn’t draw, I couldn’t write, I could barely get through a day without bursting into tears over the slightest thing and the amount of times I said to Fiance “I feel like I’m losing my mind” I’ve lost track of.  That’s how it felt, that I was going insane, that I was losing my mind as nothing made sense. 

Why couldn’t I just get over it? Why couldn’t I just get on with things? Why would the slightest thing send me to damn near a panic attack? It didn’t help either that I had/have a bad case of anxiety that’s still lingering even now. At least now it doesn’t take over, my rational mind can knock some sense into me before it gets to the panicky stages.  

Depression tainted that last NaNo account and by deleting it, it feels like I can make a fresh start and not have that hanging over me.

So I have a tired, weary astronaut going to Jupiter’s moon Europa to assist the scientists already there.  With his pet oscar fish Enterprise.  I have a title, I have a bacterial disease and a hallucination wandering the station.  Now to see if anything comes from it or if I end up doing my usual and procrastinating throughout the month and end up doing it in fifteen days.



Another species to be added to the ever-growing tick-list:

Africa’s Western Black Rhino has been officially declared EXTINCT. Poaching and lack of conservation have led the subspecies of black rhino to extermination, while the Northern White Rhino is ‘teetering on the brink of extinction’.

    Way to go, humanity.

what’s sad is hardly anyone fucking cares or wants to hear about it let alone talk about it

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